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ERSOY METAL – Your competent partner for trade and consultancy in the steel and metal industry. Are you interested in Turkey as your business location? Or want to open up a new market for your products?

ERSOY METAL is exactly the right partner for you. With many years of experience in the German and Turkish market, we offer you a first-class consulting and processing support.

ERSOY METAL supports you by beginning with the market analysis of the product position on the Turkish market. So you do not need to rack your brain over in asking where you have to file an application or how the Turkish market functions because we have already done that! Whether you are calling from Europe or from elsewhere in the world, our German, English and Turkish-speaking team would be glad to give you detailed expert consultation.


When you send us your project; our experts deal with technical drawings and relevant details. By your confirmation on the final AutoCad drawings; we proceed with the production…
Careful planning will decide about successful realization!Together to the goal!

In a personal conversation with you , we will create a design of your desired fence, garden or gateway .
Forged fences will completely and flexible assist with your atypical projects . We are always available for you, even in later changes and requirements .

Expert advice is simply a necessity .We inform you with a patterns and images about character of various fences , gates and bars.

Special problems require specific solutions – in typical dimensions or individual wishes and ideas.

None of your requirements is impossible for us. Together we will discuss possible ways to the fast realization of your wishes and ideas.


Your projects are designed as per your specifications and wishes.We keep you informed in every productions stage accordingly. Read more

Everything from one source!

And we do not talk about industrial products but about individual solutions , which are known for ERSOY METAL Planning of gates and fences is important step. We set together with you the look of your fence or gate. Only if we know your expectations, our personal can made your dreams come true. Expert advice and quotation are for free. We offer professional blacksmith work and we can promise you will be satisfied with your fence or gate from ERSOY METAL. We can also realize unusual wishes and challenging projects without problems. All of our fences and gates are made to measure. From planning to assembly you get everything on one place from one source, the professionals at ERSOY METAL.


Your projects are designed as per your specifications and wishes.We keep you informed in every productions stage accordingly…

Depends on the material

Everything from ERSOY METAL (fences, gates) is made from wrought iron, because with this material we can realize your every wish without compromises. Wrought iron is the best for requirements which are imposed for material in production of gates and fences. On one hand is very resistent against outside weather , on the other hand is really easy to form. With hot dip galvanizing and powder coating is not only possible to raise the natural resistance, but also add color emphases that make the gates and fences from ERSOY METAL even more exceptional and unique.


Maximum effort is provided to settle your projects ready on time without any delays.