Business and Corporate Consultancy for Turkey Market expansion without barriers, with ERSOY METAL on your side.After a quick look on the internet you will see that the websites of many Turkish companies have no German translation.
The personal contact is could be problematic for German companies if they don’t speak Turkish. Our team has very good command of both languages. With the necessary “know-how” you can establish your products faster and with fewer worries in the Turkish market or you can build a strategically important cooperation.

The right partner can be found easily at exhibitions, assuming you want to work with large Turkish companies. Access to medium-sized companies is not that easy.
There are linguistic and cultural differences in communication and working practices.ERSOY METAL is the answer to overcoming these barriers.We offer specific Internet research, telephone contact and direct visits to potential cooperation partners.Exploiting your products in Turkey

personal: What are the characteristics of your products?

How do you imagine your marketing in the Turkish market?
Do you have particular needs that we should consider in preparing your market presence?
All these questions will be discussed in person before we go to the first research.

• dedicated: In addition to conventional research, we enable our extensive network to find suitable prospects or customers for your products.
• cooperative: If the first selection is made, we will arrange a joint meeting with potential clients in Turkey.
• organized: If necessary we can arrange flights, accommodations and car rentals for you.
• eloquent: We will assist you during your meetings and make the translation, if you wish.

Suppliers from Turkey

• In the first meeting, we get an idea which products are especially interesting for you.

• In the next step, we will find producers or manufacturers in Turkey for you. You get to know the products and decide for or against the manufacturer.
• We create a detailed market analysis to the desired products in Turkey and find out the current prices.
• If it is desired, we can arrange flights, accommodations and car rentals for you.
• Furthermore, we can also assist you as an interpreter.
• If necessary, we will gladly undertake the correspondence with potential customers.
• We will check the shipment before being loaded into containers. We also want to avoid surprises!